November 17, 2020 // Uncategorized


Thrive Containers launched operations today with its new intelligent container technology, aiming to disrupt the commercial farming industry.  COVID-19 and climate change have accelerated existing strains in global food accessibility and supply chains, highlighting the need to rethink the world’s agriculture systems. Our founder and CEO Shannon O’Malley has been at the forefront of this change through six years of container farm innovation here at Brick Street! O’Malley observed “Thrive Containers is redefining shipping container farming technology. Our vision is to not only bring accessibility to farming but to offer a great return on investment for the AgTech industry.”  Thrive Container’s farm system uniquely excels in software automation, customer experience ease of use, and adaptability engineered by industry-leading experts.  The result is maximized, year-round crop growth, reducing up to 90% of freshwater resources used in traditional agriculture practices.

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