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The mission of Brick Street Farms has always been to make
the world a better, more food secure place. Our farm hubs have
allowed us to grow 48 acres worth of produce on a 1/3 of an acre
piece of property. This has allowed us to provide fresh, local produce
to residents and businesses in the Tampa Bay area.

However, we believe there is always room to be developing
and changing in this ever-evolving world. With this in mind, Brick
Street Farms is pleased to announce that we have partnered with
BYOSolar to take our urban farm hubs to a whole new level of
sustainable farming. Beginning in Summer 2022, our farm hubs will
not only be sustainable food sources, but with the help of solar
panels, will be energy efficient as well.

Each grow hub will be outfitted with a
compact, individualized power plant or solar
panels. This will not only provide power to the
grow hubs, but through the design and placement
of the panels, rainwater will be collected, filtered,
and used to water the plants inside. This unique
design allows our grow hubs to function as sustainable, renewable farm plots.

We believe that through our partnership with
BYOSolar, Brick Street Farms will become a community
leader in providing a sustainable, environmentally
conscious method of food production. It’s time to eat
like the planet depends on it!



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