BSF Hubs: Saving Water

November 9, 2021 // Uncategorized


You may have recently read the big announcement about our newest venture, BSF Hubs (if not, you can find out more here). We wanted to provide some further insight into some of the exciting sustainability initiatives that we will be introducing with our new model. Today, we will be focusing on our water-saving efforts. Our THRIVE Containers already use less than 95% of water used by traditional soil farms of the same production acreage. As part of our new BSF Hub model, we will have an advanced water management system, which will collect, filter, and reuse all sources of water at our disposal with the primary source being condensate. The Hub will house a central flushed nutrient water holding and settling tank where the water is further reprocessed through our proprietary advanced water management system. Once the water has been completely exhausted, it is stored in another on-site holding tank and used for landscaping irrigation. This will provide next level innovation to reuse, recycle and save water, which will decrease our water usage even further! Stay tuned for more info about our Hubs!

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