Harvest Team Worker - Contractor

St Petersburg, FL


6 Open Positions. This is a 1099 Independent Contractor Position. Pay by PIECEWORK only.

The Harvest Worker is a 1099 Contractor Position at our Hydroponic Farm. The nature of piecework positions means that compensation is dependent upon on the speed and efficiency of the harvester as well as the volume of greens available for processing. We are looking for a commitment of 2-3 days per week, shifts are 8am – 4pm or when the harvest is complete for the day.

Starts as a novice position with little to no previous experience required. From this position you can grow into the Brick Street Farms family with farmhand 1, 2, and 3 positions, production, etc. This is a predominantly physical/manual labor position. Harvest Workers will focus solely on harvesting crops under the instruction of the Shift Supervisor or Team Leader. The position will primarily harvest lettuces and leafy greens.


Harvest leafy greens in a safe, efficient manner, ensuring productivity and quality goals are met or exceeded focusing on the following traits;


Appropriately mark their work or finished product with their worker ID, as directed.
Safely and responsibly use any hand tools provided by Farm, such as pruning shears and return them in good condition at the end of each assignment.
Utilizes best practices based on instruction from supervisor(s).

Basic Qualifications

Ability to focus on a single task for extended periods of time.
Ability to stay focused while in a group of peers.
Ability to follow instructions and retain training information.
Ability to work independently while meeting or exceeding quotas.
High manual dexterity

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:

Pass a background check and other pre-employment screening;
Demonstrate an interest in local indoor farming and/or agriculture;
Be able to discuss Brick Street Farms, including its core values, focus, products and primary markets;
Remain focused while performing repetitive functions;
Have reliable transportation to the farm and be able to arrive at the work site by 8 am, or as otherwise instructed;

Physical Requirements:

Tolerate cool indoor temperature for 6-10 hours a day;
Repetitively lift and carry items up 25 lbs.;
Stand, sit, bend, kneel, stretch and squat for long periods of time while using best practices to maintain strong long term personal health;
Demonstrate sufficient dexterity of hands, arms and fingers to be able to perform the principal responsibilities of the job, including to harvest; to install, position, and move materials; and to manipulate tools and equipment.

Performance Standards:

Needs to be able to meet daily production quotas of harvesting, set based on farm productivity and gauged by other expert harvesters. Must maintain 80%+ quota maintenance to retain employment. Rewards available for exceeding productivity expectations.
Must be available for at least 3 days per week.

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Job Information

Location:St Petersburg, FL
Compensation:Contractor 1099
Posted On:October 5, 2020
Job ID:12743
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