#InsideTheBox – Saving Land, One Shipping Container At A Time!

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Saving land, one shipping container at a time! 

Ok, bear with us a little bit and nerd out for a second. Wild habitats are being squeezed out to make way for commercial farming, and it’s not ok.

71% of our planet is habitable land, and out of that 50% is being used for commercial farming. 50%! 77% of that 50 is livestock, and 23% is used for crops.

That leaves only 37% for natural ecosystems. That means that big agriculture is one of humanity’s largest impacts on our environment. Because of the destruction of biodiversity every time a natural ecosystem is demolished, 28,000 species are estimated to be threatened. As humans, we rely on so many species for the survival of the environment, as we know it!

You can actively reduce that impact through dietary changes. We urge everyone to eat less commercially farmed meats, livestock, and dairy! Supplement it with plant-based foods! And secondly, support technology that is sustainable, and saves land!

Within each of our shipping containers, we can fit almost 3 acres of farmland! On our current warehouse concrete lot, we will house 16 fulling operational farms. That means on one city block you will find 48 acres of farmland. We hope we can work towards giving some of that land back to nature.

#AlwaysLocal Watch Out For Greenwashing!

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Watch Out For Greenwashing! 

Help us end greenwashing now! Greenwashing is a marketing spin used often in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and in many other companies where their public relations department deceptively persuade their customers that they are environmentally friendly, or are using hyper-local products on their menu or in their company.

As a consumer, we urge you to stay informed, and ask questions! If a restaurant is claiming to use hyper-local vendors and produce, ask them where they are sourcing it from. If what you’re eating doesn’t taste amazing and fresh, oftentimes it isn’t and it’s been falsely sold to you.

We have had this happen here at Brick Street more than once and we’re putting the crackdown!

A few years back the Tampa Bay Time’s former food critic wrote a Pultizer Prize nominated article about this. Read it below!

Eat Safe Lettuce! Another CDC Outbreak.

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Lettuce Recall!

Attention! This just in from the CDC! OUTBREAK UPDATE: There have been 303 more sick people reported in the Cyclospora outbreak linked to recalled bagged salad mixes. Recalled brands include Fresh Express, ALDI Little Salad Bar, Giant Eagle, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco Signature Farms, ShopRite Wholesome Pantry, and Walmart Marketside. Look for a “Z” at the beginning of the product code then number “178” or lower. Do not eat them and throw any remaining salad away. See the full list of products on the FDA website.

Why do romaine and other mass-produced lettuces get recalled so much, you ask? When you farm on this scale there are many factors including a lack of bathroom facilities for farmworkers, poorly processed pig and cow manure used in the soil, and mice and rodent infestations within the machinery, warehouses, and trucks used to process and transport the produce.

There is an easy way to skip getting sick. Buy Brick Street Farms baby romaine! Because of our controlled indoor farming, strict sanitary guidelines, and hyper-local distribution, you’ll never find any harmful bacterias on our produce to get you sick.

#FarmFam Everyone Meet Kayley!

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If you come into our Farm Market you might have seen this smiley face already! Meet Kayley, one of our newest Farm Market crew members! 

Kayli is an art history major who has a love for hiking, photography, and fueling her body with a plant-based diet! Her favorite part of working in the farms is planting the seeds and knowing that they will grow into something her community gets to eat. Make sure to give her an air high five next time you see her!

Kayli’s favorite greens are our Swiss Chard which she likes to use in curry!

Check out of our recipe for Sweet Green Curry with Swiss Chard below!

Get Ready! 4th Of July BBQ Specials!

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Are You Ready For Some BBQ + POOL Time?

Can you believe THE FOURTH OF JULY is next weekend?! What the what?

So what’s more American than celebrating our independence while also supporting local Florida businesses?

On special Thursday, June 25 through July 4th, all our Fat Cat Hot Sauces and Voodoo BBQ sauces are on sale! 

If you missed our store-wide newsletter last week, Fat Cat hot sauce is a local favorite out of Orlando, and they pride themselves on being flavor forward. The flavors we have for you are Chili Ghost PepperFlorida SaucePeach Maple BourbonPurry Purry Sauce.
*They are normally $7 a bottle, but for the 4th of July we have marked them down to $5 a bottle! 

We now carry 4 Voodoo BBQ Sauce flavors that are perfect for grilling your meats! Created in Tampa Bay, we have the chef-inspired SmokehouseBama QFat Boy, and Southern Gold.
*They are regular $8 a bottle, but for the 4th of July we have marked them down to $6 a bottle! 

Get Your Snack On!

Buy a bag of Old Florida tortilla chips and get HALF OFF a container of Sunset Salsa!

This deal is available in-store only while supplies last!

2 Intern Spots Have Opened Up!

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2 Internship Spots Opened Up!

We have 2 internship spots that have opened up, and we need to get them filled! Internships on our farm are perfect for college students working in environmental studies, or young adults who are interested in learning about farming. You don’t need any experience, but we are seeking people who are passionate about hydroponics and the environment. If you or anyone you know might be interested please email andrew@brickstreetfarms.com.

Ferment fans!

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St. Pete Ferments is a local company that specializes in fermented foods. Located in Gulfport, they naturally create sauerkrauts, kimchis, beet kvass, and more using organic produce and ingredients.

Each jar is normally $10, but for our Members this weekend (June 18-21) each jar is only $8!

This savings is in-store only! Make sure you let our Farm Market Crew know you’re a member!

Our Newest Farm Installation At Publix!

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It’s Official!

This past Monday we officially installed a farm next to the GreenWise Publix in Lakeland, Florida! In this farm, we will be growing all the produce that will be sold inside this GreenWise location! For customers, you can’t get fresher greens than that. Now that the farm is installed we’ll be adding power, and the process of seeding and transplanting greens will take place! 

If you live in that area you can visit the farm at 4747 S Florida Ave in Lakeland, Florida!

BSF In The News – Lakeland Publix GreenWise grand opening: ‘This is crazy busy’

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Shoppers flocked to Thursday’s highly anticipated grand opening of Lakeland’s first GreenWise Market, a specialty brand of Publix Super Markets.

LAKELAND — There’s a new player on the scene-stealing some thunder from Publix. And that’s A-OK with corporate brass.

Thursday’s grand opening of GreenWise Market in South Lakeland portends a new era in the evolution of Publix Super Markets, Inc., which is based in Lakeland. Judging by the crowds, shoppers certainly seem smitten with the first such market in Polk County and one of only six in existence, though many more are in the works throughout Florida and other southeastern states…

… The store’s produce section includes a line of packaged lettuces from Brick Street Farms in Pinellas County, which specializes in greens grown hydroponically with very little water and no pesticides, thanks to a system enclosed in customized shipping containers.

In coming weeks one of the containers will be positioned on site at GreenWise Market in Lakeland, optimizing the “fresh” quality of Brick Street’s greens.

Click here to read the full story: https://www.theledger.com/news/20191212/lakeland-publix-greenwise-grand-opening-this-is-crazy-busy



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