ICYMI about 50,000 bags of toxic fertilizer are slowly being dumped in Tampa Bay right now!

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ICYMI about 50,000 bags of toxic fertilizer are slowly being dumped in Tampa Bay right now! This is happening just south of us on the other side of the Skyway Bridge! 

An old abandoned phosphorous plant has been storing toxic water in its reservoir for years now, and the dam is at risk of breaking as we speak! If that were to happen this toxic water would burst into the surrounding neighborhoods which have now been evacuated. This contaminated water is full of phosphorous, nitrogen, and heavy metals making it corrosive, acidic, and full of excess fertilizer nutrients.

Dumping it into the bay will likely lead to algae blooms and dying marine life! The leaking water is being absorbed into the surrounding soil in an area that has a lot of farmland.

At Brick Street we never use synthetic chemical fertilizers, and we also grow everything in a closed-loop system without soil. That means not only do we never have to worry about soil and water contamination from industrial plant runoffs affecting our crops, but we don’t create any runoff ourselves.

This tragedy brings up so much food for thought! What are your thoughts and opinions?

Read the referenced Tampa Bay Times article HERE!

#TheFutureOfFood – Wash Free Greens

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About 50% of you wash your lettuce with water when you get home from the supermarket. Take a break! Buy Brick Street and you’ll never have to rinse your lettuce with water again. From seed to harvest our greens are grown in a controlled environment that prevents contaminations of any kind. Our staff also uses single-use gloves, masks, and head coverings at all times! So skip the washing, and support local!

PSA- If you do buy lettuce from a supermarket, please add some vinegar to that water! Water alone will not clean it!

Have You Heard About Our Living Trays?

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Pictured above is one of our Living Trays! This one is our Asian Greens tray which is a mix of petite broccoli raab, Chinese napa cabbage, wasabi mustard greens, purple choy, and green tatsoi.

Our Living Trays are grown to order on request, and are perfect for events and garnishing!

Trays range between $32-$38 and can come in the following varieties:

Petite Arugula Tray
Petite Wasabi Arugula Tray
Petite Asian Greens Tray
Petite Lambs Lettuce Tray
Petite Sorrel Tray
Watercress Tray

If you’d like to order a tray email customerservice@brickstreetfarms.com or call (727) 329-6608


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Everyone say hi to Graham! Graham is the Assistant Manager of Grocery Operations here at Brick Street Farms. “My day-to-day duties is quite a long list so I’ll keep it brief. Checking environmental conditions, checking water parameters, visual plant health checks, farm maintenance, scheduling & managing labor, and logging yields.” Graham is such an important part of our team! He was interested in hydroponic growing and when he found out about BSF growing hydroponically in up-cycled shipping containers, he was so stoked to get involved! Graham told us, “My favorite part about working at BSF is being part of an awesome team of people and us all growing together.” We love growing with you too, Graham! Thank you for all that you do!


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Brick Street Farms started out as a small backyard hydroponic experiment! We’ve literally grown roots into what is now Brick Street Farms! With almost 16 upcycled shipping container farms producing greens, we’ve come quite a long way in the past *5* years!



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Thrive Containers launched operations today with its new intelligent container technology, aiming to disrupt the commercial farming industry.  COVID-19 and climate change have accelerated existing strains in global food accessibility and supply chains, highlighting the need to rethink the world’s agriculture systems. Our founder and CEO Shannon O’Malley has been at the forefront of this change through six years of container farm innovation here at Brick Street! O’Malley observed “Thrive Containers is redefining shipping container farming technology. Our vision is to not only bring accessibility to farming but to offer a great return on investment for the AgTech industry.”  Thrive Container’s farm system uniquely excels in software automation, customer experience ease of use, and adaptability engineered by industry-leading experts.  The result is maximized, year-round crop growth, reducing up to 90% of freshwater resources used in traditional agriculture practices.

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