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We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest venture in our startup journey, Brick Street Farms Urban Hubs! Our urban hubs will grow 16-20 acres of land in 1/3 parking lots bringing you direct access to healthy, nutritional food in our urban communities. To us, bringing food production to the point of consumption means creating the most environmentally sustainable urban farms that do not require the use of mass transportation, supply chain or distribution channels. We believe it’s time to eat like the planet depends on it. Stay tuned for more updates and progress on how our Brick Street Farms Urban Hubs are combatting water use, energy consumption, and much more. We can’t wait to share this journey with you!



This Weekend Only: 10% Off Burger Bundle

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This weekend, all customers will receive 10% off a burger bundle which includes meat or tempeh, locally sourced bread & condiments, BSF greens, and more!  See below for full bundle list. This promotion will be available while supplies last on Saturday & Sunday.

This bundle of items together will receive a 10% discount off:

– Lake Meadow Naturals Ground Beef OR Artomoro Tempeh (vegan option)
– Gulfcoast Sourdough loaf
– Hlthpunk sauce of choice (mustard, bionaise, UFO sauce)
– Old Florida chips of choice
– BSF Greens of choice

Receive Complimentary Coffee This Saturday

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All customers will receive complimentary coffee during their visit to our Market this Saturday. We will be serving Florida favorite, Panther Coffee, along with assorted vegan and non-vegan creamers. Panther Coffee is a Miami Based Specialty Coffee Company, specializing in the small-batch roasting of coffee beans. Their mission is to source, roast and prepare the finest coffees in the world, creating a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants. ​In addition to free coffee, we will also be featuring some Market samples for taste testing. Our Market is open from 10am-4pm on Saturday. Come by to see us!

BSF Recycling Program

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Did you know that we have a recycling program here at BSF? All of our containers are made from recyclable materials and can be exchanged in our Market for 10 cents each, which can be applied to your next BSF order! Our recycling program is self-funded, and is put in place to ensure that we are doing our part to reduce our use of single-use plastics. Ask us about our recycling program next time you’re in our Market!

#InsideTheBox – Saving Land, One Shipping Container At A Time!

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Saving land, one shipping container at a time! 

Ok, bear with us a little bit and nerd out for a second. Wild habitats are being squeezed out to make way for commercial farming, and it’s not ok.

71% of our planet is habitable land, and out of that 50% is being used for commercial farming. 50%! 77% of that 50 is livestock, and 23% is used for crops.

That leaves only 37% for natural ecosystems. That means that big agriculture is one of humanity’s largest impacts on our environment. Because of the destruction of biodiversity every time a natural ecosystem is demolished, 28,000 species are estimated to be threatened. As humans, we rely on so many species for the survival of the environment, as we know it!

You can actively reduce that impact through dietary changes. We urge everyone to eat less commercially farmed meats, livestock, and dairy! Supplement it with plant-based foods! And secondly, support technology that is sustainable, and saves land!

Within each of our shipping containers, we can fit almost 3 acres of farmland! On our current warehouse concrete lot, we will house 16 fulling operational farms. That means on one city block you will find 48 acres of farmland. We hope we can work towards giving some of that land back to nature.

#AlwaysLocal Watch Out For Greenwashing!

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Watch Out For Greenwashing! 

Help us end greenwashing now! Greenwashing is a marketing spin used often in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and in many other companies where their public relations department deceptively persuade their customers that they are environmentally friendly, or are using hyper-local products on their menu or in their company.

As a consumer, we urge you to stay informed, and ask questions! If a restaurant is claiming to use hyper-local vendors and produce, ask them where they are sourcing it from. If what you’re eating doesn’t taste amazing and fresh, oftentimes it isn’t and it’s been falsely sold to you.

We have had this happen here at Brick Street more than once and we’re putting the crackdown!

A few years back the Tampa Bay Time’s former food critic wrote a Pultizer Prize nominated article about this. Read it below!

Eat Safe Lettuce! Another CDC Outbreak.

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Lettuce Recall!

Attention! This just in from the CDC! OUTBREAK UPDATE: There have been 303 more sick people reported in the Cyclospora outbreak linked to recalled bagged salad mixes. Recalled brands include Fresh Express, ALDI Little Salad Bar, Giant Eagle, Hy-Vee, Jewel-Osco Signature Farms, ShopRite Wholesome Pantry, and Walmart Marketside. Look for a “Z” at the beginning of the product code then number “178” or lower. Do not eat them and throw any remaining salad away. See the full list of products on the FDA website.

Why do romaine and other mass-produced lettuces get recalled so much, you ask? When you farm on this scale there are many factors including a lack of bathroom facilities for farmworkers, poorly processed pig and cow manure used in the soil, and mice and rodent infestations within the machinery, warehouses, and trucks used to process and transport the produce.

There is an easy way to skip getting sick. Buy Brick Street Farms baby romaine! Because of our controlled indoor farming, strict sanitary guidelines, and hyper-local distribution, you’ll never find any harmful bacterias on our produce to get you sick.

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