October 22, 2020 // Uncategorized


Aww it’s Joni! Everyone say hi! Joni became a member of the #FarmFam a year ago, but she’s been supporting Brick Street since the very beginning! “I first found out about Brick Street after reading an article about them in the paper. I went down to the original Farm Market to check it out, and I’ve been eating their greens ever since. When you go to a grocery store you never know how long the produce has been sitting out, who has handled it, and there isn’t any customer service. I love shopping in the Farm Market because Kaley is always there to offer me suggestions, and she’s never steered me wrong! The greens last so long in the fridge I end up saving money in the long run because I don’t have as much spoilage. I also love how Brick Street partners up with other businesses in the area like Louise Graham. This is what makes the St. Pete community great!” Joni, we love ya’! Thank you so much for truly being one of favorite customers ever!

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