September 16, 2020 // Uncategorized


Everyone say hi to Chase! Chase has a degree in Biology from USF, and he began here at Brick Street through our internship program!

“I love growing food and plant science specifically, and I was able to combine those interests here at Brick Street. I didn’t really know anything about hydroponics, and after interning here it opened my eyes to a different growing method that is efficient, practical and can be done in any environment.”

Since his internship Chase has joined our team officially and is taking on a new role as our Horticulture Specialist! He’ll be spending a ton of time monitoring air flow, temperature and humidity in our farms to make sure we’re providing the ideal environment for our plants to thrive! He’ll be doing this with a bunch of cool tools like anemometers and specialized sensors! Congrats on your promotion, Chase!

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