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If you’re new to Brick Street Farms, Shannon is our boss babe CEO, and co-founder here at Brick Street! “My name is Shannon O’Malley and I’m the CEO of Brick Street Farms. I founded the business in 2016 with my husband, Brad. He and I moved to St. Pete because we loved the local loving vibe. We started successfully growing kale and lettuces in our backyard hydroponically as a hobby and we loved it! I’m extremely passionate about health-conscious foods, technology, and the environment. I wanted to be able to share it with the community here in St. Pete. Now I have dreams of sharing it across the country in different urban landscapes!” Shannon’s vision, love for technology, and ability to build teams are incredible and we’re all excited to be along for the ride! If you see you walking through the Farm Market make sure to give her a virtual high-five! 

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