Have You Heard About Our Living Trays?

January 15, 2021 // Uncategorized


Pictured above is one of our Living Trays! This one is our Asian Greens tray which is a mix of petite broccoli raab, Chinese napa cabbage, wasabi mustard greens, purple choy, and green tatsoi.

Our Living Trays are grown to order on request, and are perfect for events and garnishing!

Trays range between $32-$38 and can come in the following varieties:

Petite Arugula Tray
Petite Wasabi Arugula Tray
Petite Asian Greens Tray
Petite Lambs Lettuce Tray
Petite Sorrel Tray
Watercress Tray

If you’d like to order a tray email customerservice@brickstreetfarms.com or call (727) 329-6608

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