#InsideTheBox - Healthy roots make healthy plants! 

August 5, 2020 // Uncategorized


#InsideTheBox – Healthy roots make healthy plants! 

Here is Farmer Hayley showing off her roots! Roots are a plant’s lifeline and without healthy roots, our plants would die! It’s essential in hydroponic farming that we take extra care of the roots because they are suspended in water. Below, Farmer Hayley talks a little bit about what they do on the farm to make our roots strong! Just look at them!

“We closely monitor the pH and amount of nutrients in the water as to not burn the roots or rot them out. We also provide the most ideal conditions for the roots to absorb nutrients. Cleanliness also plays a large role in root health. Regularly cleaning the channels where the mature plants grow and the propagation area where the seedlings germinate is essential to maintain root health. We also add mycorrhizal fungi to the water which helps the roots absorb nutrients and combat any possible infections. On top of all that, we feed them a special cocktail of nutrients to keep them fed and happy!”

Next time you take a bite of our lettuce make sure to feel some gratitude for its roots!

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