We strive every day to contribute to a better planet and healthier people. Our mission is to bring production to the point of consumption mixed with an experiential retail experience right to your neighborhood.

The Future
Is Today

Brick Street Farms Hubs are a breakthrough model which focuses on bringing the farm to the community without the use of mass transportation, supply chain or distribution channels. With harvest to home in 24 hours, BSF Hubs will revolutionize the agriculture industry.

Triple Bottom Line

A philosophy and commitment that drives us all to do better.


Using the triple bottom line has a responsibility to not only shareholders but also employees, vendors, customers, the community where we do business and anyone else impacted by the organization.


We recognize that the smaller the environmental impact a company has, the longer it can operate. At its most basic level, this involves not producing products that are unsafe or unhealthy for the planet and the people on it, but it also includes reducing consumption, waste and emissions.


With this model, we help to stimulate economic growth and create wealth by compensating employees fairly, supporting local suppliers with its business, generating innovation, and paying our fair share of taxes.

How Our Farms Thrive

We are the world’s first truly environmentally sustainable urban agriculture model. Here’s how we’re doing it:

The Sun

Our specialized horticulture LEDs create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving them the exact spectrum and intensity they need for photosynthesis in the most energy-efficient way possible. This engineered lighting allows us to control size, shape, texture, color, flavor, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and increased productivity.

The Soil (Less)

Growing without soil means there is less risk of environmental and soil-borne contamination, keeping our produce safer. No dirt means no bugs, no pests, no need for any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

The Water

Our hydroponic systems use 90% less water than traditional soil production for the same yields by recycling the nutrient-infused water in a closed-loop system.

The Nutrients

We are continually monitoring all the micro and macronutrients for our plants to provide them with everything that they need to thrive. We take the exact seed from the field and grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer, leading to exponential productivity per square foot than a commercial field farm.

The Air

We emulate “southern California” like weather, which is perfect for our crops 365 days a year. Our temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels, and airflow precisely control and distribute evenly across the plant canopy to provide the perfect air quality for our plants. Our enclosed indoor farms are not exposed to the outside elements, creating a perfect environment.  By carefully controlling growing conditions, we reduce the risk of contamination and ensure that our plant babies are consistently healthy and flavorful.

The Seeds

Our plants are grown using non-GMO seeds sourced from various seed companies around the world.  Seeds are germinated in a compostable grow plug and donated, post-harvest, to local composting production facilities or companies, reducing waste going to the landfill, making production much more sustainable.

The Data

Our control system and operators monitor millions of data points throughout the cultivation process through to harvest. We are continually reviewing, testing and improving our growing system using predictive analytics to create a superior and consistent result.  Systems are monitored 24/7/365 with near real-time alarms and alerts for subscribed users.

The Scalability

The modular nature of shipping containers creates the building blocks for scalability, stacking side-by-side and vertically, each becoming an independent grow room. This allows us to grow in varied locations and achieve ultimate yield per square foot, no matter the space.

The New
Urban Farming

Our farm hubs are a new kind of experiential retail experience to purchase always local, curiously fresh goods from your community.

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