Today, people want to know where their food comes from. From the beginning, our mission has been to bring farming back into our community.

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Even More Nutritious & Delicious

The Sun

Our specialized horticulture LEDs create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving them the exact spectrum and intensity they need for photosynthesis in the most energy-efficient way possible.

The Soil (Less)

Growing without soil means there is less risk of environmental and soil-borne contamination, keeping our produce safer. No dirt means no bugs, no pests, no need for any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

The Water

Our hydroponic systems use 90% less water than traditional soil production for the same yields by recycling the nutrient-infused water in a closed-loop system.

The Nutrients

We are continually monitoring all the micro and macronutrients for our plants to provide them with everything that they need to thrive. We take the exact seed from the field and grow it in half the time as a traditional field farmer.

Beyond Organic

No Mass Transportation

At BSF, there’s no need for mass transportation. That’s because all of our greens are grown within 60 miles of consumption. With this approach, we limit our carbon footprint over 10x the next leading industrial farmer.

No Distribution Channels

By breaking free of traditional distribution channels, we can contribute to our local economy by empowering and investing in our urban communities. Through this model, we can provide nutritional and medicinal food that has not been compromised by common agriculture supply chain issues.

No Nutrient Degradation

Our BSF Hub is a breakthrough model which focuses on the concept of bringing harvest to home within 48 hours. Our leafy greens are grown on-site at our urban farm using hydroponic systems with no dirt or soil and watered from the root of the plant. Enjoy the most nutrient-dense greens you can find by eating Brick Street Farms.

100% Cruelty Free

By growing indoors, we are able to avoid animal casualties that are common with traditional farming that uses large outdoor machinery and poisonous pesticides. Rest assured, there are no furry friends harmed during our farming practices.

Protecting Our Waterways

Our advanced water management system collects, filters, and reuses all sources of water at our disposal with the primary source being condensate from our HVAC systems.  We additionally use UV light filters and oxygen nanobubble injection technology to naturally sanitize the water of pathogens that can cause potential harm to root plants.

No Pesticides or Chemicals

Growing without soil means there is less risk of environmental and soil-borne contamination, keeping our produce safer. No dirt means no bugs, no pests, no need for any pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.

Meet Our Greens

Humans are constantly striving for self-improvement… so we think your food should too. From harvest to house in less than 48 hrs (or 1 Netflix weekend binge), it’s time to rethink your relationship with produce. Our greens are so fresh & so fine, we’ll make your ex-veggies jealous.

I am Green Leaf

Our green leaf lettuce is crisp, sweet, and slightly bitter. Add it to a bowl, or serve alongside an omelet!

I am Crunch Love

Is a frilly lettuce with a sweet crunchy bite. Perfect for a crispy salad and stays crunchy even when on warm burgers and sandwiches.

I am Butter Lettuce

Our butter lettuce is soft and sweet. It makes a tasty base for fruit and nut salads topped with crumbly strong cheese!

I am Baby Greens

A blend of butter lettuce, red and green romaine, and sweet crip lettuce- our baby greens are ideal for chopped salads, or simply dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt!

I am Baby Romaine

Our Baby Romaine isn't like your typical romaine. It's crisp, mild, and freshly harvested! It tastes delicious grilled, and in a Cesar or Cobb salad!

I am Butterhead

Tender, buttery, and in the shape of a perfect cup- our butterhead is made for lettuce wraps, or to be used on sandwiches and in burgers!

I am Red Butterhead

Tender, delicate leaves with a rosey red hue. Perfect for lettuce wraps, on sandwiches and in burgers or to be used as bite-sized salad bowls!

I am Mixed Kale

Delicate leaves of a young kale plant with petite stems and leaves. A soft and earthy in flavor and tender in texture. Ideal raw for salads and in smoothies or cooked for a delicious vegetable base or side dish.

Our Founding Story

Brick Street Farms founders, Shannon and Brad, were hydroponic hobbyists and IT Solution Delivery professionals with backgrounds in IoT Network based solutions for Electric & Gas Utilities’ field deployed devices. After securing funding from a local bank to purchase a few hydroponic containerized farms, they quickly realized the challenges and limitations of the existing turnkey solutions on the market. Having worked for several large Utility companies designing and deploying “SmartGrid” solutions, they decided to put their skills to work designing a solution focused on grower needs and scalability.

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