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Locally Made Stand-Up Charger

Locally Made Lamp

Locally Made Dimming Lamp

Locally Made Charging Port

Petite Beet Greens

Lake Meadow Naturals Extra Large Eggs

Big Spoon Roasters Apple Pie Spice

Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate Enlighten Mint

Terrapin Ridge Sea Salt Gourmet Crackers

Adams Apple Pie Jam


Tropical Shores Tuxedo Popcorn

Culture Pop Watermelon Lime & Rosemary

Herbivorous Butcher Vegan Maple Bacon

Herbivorous Butcher Vegan Filet Mignon

Herbivorous Butcher Brie Wheel

Dharma Dog Apple Pie Dog Treats

Dharma Dog BOO-berry Dog Treats

Odyssey Immunity Mushroom Elixir

Odyssey Endurance Mushroom Elixir

Pooch & Bean Champa Bark Coffee Beans

Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans

Sweet Dumpling Squash

Porter insulated bottle ceramic coated stainless steel

Porter Stand up Silicone Storage bag

Porter Silicone Storage bag

Public Goods Sesame Paste Ramen – 5ct

Green Market Cafe Lemon Poppy seed Dressing

Green Market Cafe Greek House Dressing

Green Market Cafe Mandarin Orange Ginger Dressing

Butcher’s Mark Honey Glazed Beef Jerky

Soup of Success Tuscan Bean

Soup of Success Sun-Dried Tomato Vegetable

Soup of Success Spicy Tortilla

Soup of Success Hearty Potato

Soup of Success Farmhouse Chicken Noodle

Soup of Success Coconut Curry Soup

Tom Bumble Candy Bar Nutty

Tom Bumble Candy Bar Smooth

Castronovo White Chocolate with Lemon & Lemon Salt

Castronovo Honduras Dark Milk Chocolate

Castronovo Sierra Nevada Dark Milk Chocolate

Dram Ginger Cinnamon Sparkling Switchel + CBD

Pooch & Bean Howl You Doin’ Coffee Beans

Pooch & Bean Terrier Derriere Coffee Beans

Honey Mama’s Pumpkin Spice

Wildflower Granola Pumpkin Spice

Wildflower Granola Maple Pecan

Wildflower Granola Apple Cinnamon

Lake Meadows Pumpkin Honey Butter

Lake Meadows Honey Butter

Delicata Squash

Big Spoon Banana Flax Wag Butter

Adams Apple Pumpkin Butter

Adams Apple Butter

Mini Pumpkin

Seattle Seed Co. Terrarium Makers Kit

Seattle Seed Co. Lavender Bundle

Gelatys Ice Pop Coconut Breeze

Pea Shoots

Mayawell Prebiotic soda Strawberry Ginger with Hibiscus

Mayawell Prebiotic soda Raspberry Cucumber with Black Currant

Swoon Ginger Lemonade

Swoon Peach Iced Tea

Mayawell Prebiotic Soda Pineapple Mango with Turmeric

Oca Berry Acai

Micro Salad Mix

Organic Potatoes Fingerling Medley

Herbivorous Butcher Vegan Whole Turkey

Herbivorous Butcher Vegan Chicken

100 Coconuts pure coconut water

Odyssey Functional Mushroom Brew Sleep

Odyssey Functional Mushroom Brew Energy

Culture Pop Ginger Lemon

Culture Pop Wild Berry Soda

Culture Pop Orange Mango Soda

Gelatys Ice Pop Very Berry Cat

Gelatys Ice Pop Chocolate Paw

Gelatys Ice Pop Yogurt Blueberry

Gelatys Ice Pop Pistachio Chocolate

Gelatys Ice Pop Multi Fruit

Night Shift Blue Spruce & Cedar

Honey Mama’s Coffee Nib Crunch

Honey Mama’s Coconut

Honey Mama’s Original Dutch

Small Town Cultures Jalapenos

Society of Lifestyle Mixed Olives

Society of Lifestyle Olive Oil with Chili

Society of Lifestyle Mango Syrup

I heart bees Florida Summer

Beanefits Sea Salt and Pepper White Bean Chips

Society of Lifestyle Pesto Dill & Fennel

Simpli Peruvian Handmade Bag and Quinoa, 12 oz

Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Bluephoria

Rancho Gordo Alubia Blanca Beans

Big Spoon Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter

Hot N Saucy Sweet Potato N Habanero

Hot N Saucy Garlic & Peperoncini

Hot N Saucy Beet N Fresno

Small Town Cultures Dilly Beans