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Scratch Pasta Tomato, Basil & Garlic Fusilli

Bourbon + Vanilla Hand Soap 2oz

Embrew Peppermint Earl Grey

Freckled Chestnut Mushrooms

D’Anjou Pears

Ambrosia Apples – Bag of 4

Perpetual Spinach 6oz

Spicewalla Modena Balsamic Rub

Spicewalla Herbs de Provence Blend

Spicewalla Carne Asada Spice Boend

Spicewalla Pescado Verde Spice Blend

Spicewalla Berbere Blend

Spicewalla Garlic & Herb

Spicewalla Za’ater

Ground Beef

BobbySue’s Nuts Over Olive’s Mix

BobbySue’s Original Nuts

Jar Goods Classic Red Tomato Sauce

Scratch Pasta Co. Squid Ink Campanelle

Scratch Pasta Co. Spicy Garlic Mohawks

Scratch Pasta Co. Lemon Basil Gemelli

Pint Creamy Herb Marinated Goats Cheese

“Strawberry” Vegan Cream Cheese

Hayden Mills Harissa Crackers

Hayden Mills Farro Crackers

Hayden Mills White Sonora Crackers

Crimson Gold Petite Apples (Basket of 8)

Craize “Plantain” toasted corn cracker

*Sale Cold Brew Almond Mylk – 12oz

The Xocolate Bar – Milk Classic Chocolates

Embrew Tea 5 Flavor Variety Pack

Embrew Spiced Orange Green Tea

Wild Sage Bitters 4 oz

Black Bitters 4 oz

Palo Santo Bitters 4 oz

Small Town Cultures Fermentation Kit

Small Town Cultures Pickled Spicy Radish – 12oz

Small Town Cultures Ferment Baby Carrots – 12oz

Florida Pure Sea Salt “Bloody Mary Sunshine Sampler Pack”

The Chill Dill “Totally Original OG” Pickle Spears

The Chill Dill Kickin’ Carrots

Grass Fed Ground Beef Farmers Blend

Amelia Toffee – Coffee

Sour Cream Starter

Kefir Starter Culture

Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

Vegan Yogurt Starter Culture

Kombucha Making Kits

Rhubarb Apple

Mint Chocolate Brownie

Rosemary Garlic Sourdough

Chocolate Creamed Honey

Cinnamon Creamed Honey

Lemon Creamed Honey

Wildflower Creamed Honey

Autumn Pumpkin 4oz Candle

Apple Cider Vinaigrette

“Red Pepper” Spicy Vegan Cream Cheese

Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows

Wondermade Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows

Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows

Organic Concorde Pear (3)

Butcher’s Mark Peppered Jerky 4oz

Craize “Seeded” – 4oz Toasted Corn Cracker

Lemon Candied Ginger Tea Bags

Cherry Vanilla Olipop Soda

Ginger Lemon Olipop Soda

Pumpkin butter

Brio Cold Brew Coffee 8oz

Lavender Chamomile Kick Tea Bags

Vegan Muenster Hemp Heart Cheese

Vegan Dill Havarti Hemp Cheese

Vegan Mozzarella Hemp Heart Cheese

Turmeric Honeybush Spice Soda

All Natural Chunky Mild Salsa

Wicked Jack Hot Sauce

Black Bean Hummus

Everything But The Bagel Hummus

Pumpkin Spice Bar Soap

Pint Creamy Herb Marinated Feta

Free Range Organic Fed Eggs

Mexican Vanilla Creamed Honey

Thyme 2oz

*SALE Chocolate Almond Nut Mylk 12oz

Chocolate Honey Almond Nut Mylk – 12oz

“The Cinn” Cinnamon Vegan Cream Cheese

Brick Street Farms Hat – Black

Always Local Curiously Fresh T-Shirt

Single Sesame Tahini Dressing Packet

Single Champagne Vinaigrette Packet

Sesame Tahini Dressing

Champagne Vinaigrette

Silver Dollar Mushrooms

Cloudy Apple

Chunk Honey

Purple Potatoes

Japanese Yams

Black Radish

Cherry Tomatoes

Strawberry Vanilla Olipop