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Organic Sweet Peppers 1 lb

Micro Watercress 1 oz

Broccoli Sprouts 1.5oz

Brick Street Farms- Brand Patch

Citrus Lace 0.5oz

Brick Street Farms Water Bottle

BSF Unisex “Support Your Local Farmer” T-Shirt

BSF Women’s “Support Your Local Farmer” T-Shirt

BSF Unisex Ringer T-Shirt

BSF Trucker Hat – Black with Pink Branding

BSF Trucker Hat – Green and Black

Micro Sorrel Greens 0.5oz

Micro Cilantro .5oz

Frisee Lettuce

Crunch Love

Thyme 2oz

Always Local Curiously Fresh T-Shirt

Green Leaf Lettuce

Metal Straw Kit

Hoeing The Streets T-shirt

Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Italian Herb Olive Oil

Traditional Olive Oil

Rooted Farm Membership

Seedling Farm Membership

Red Leaf Lettuce

Butterhead Clamshell

Radish Sprouts

Micro Salad Mix

Support Your Local Farmer T-Shirt

Balsamic Vinegar Fig

Balsamic Vinegar Traditional

Balsamic Vinegar Garlic

Beet Greens

Baby Romaine

Butter Lettuce

Wildflower Raw Honey 1#

Asian Greens

Baby Greens

Pea Shoots