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The Good Crisp Company Aged White Cheddar

Legally Addictive- Surprise Party

Petersen Family Farm- Bottled Red Popcorn

Petersen Family Farm- Bottled Calico Popcorn

Petersen Family Farm- Bottled Yellow Popcorn

Petersen Family Farm- Bottled Blue Popcorn

The Good Crisp Company- Sour Cream & Onion

The Good Crisp Company- Original

Rick’s Picks- Sour Pickles

Rick’s Picks- Cumin Lime

Old Florida Southern BBQ Potato Chips

Old Florida Ranch Tortilla Chips

Old Florida Dill Pickle Potato Chips

Legally Addictive- Churro Cookies

Legally Addictive- The O.G. Cookie

Giddy Up Nuts- Brazen Buffalo Wing

Baja Jerky -Lime and Serrano

Albina City Nuts

Willa’s “Butter Pecan” Shortbread

Landcrafted Foods Spicy Cajun Jerky

Landcrafted Foods Habanero BBQ Jerky – Mild

Landcrafted Foods Sweet Smoked Jerky

Landcrafted Foods Original Smoked Jerky

Big Spoon Lemon Blueberry Cashew Butter Bar

Vegan Chocolate Donut Baking Kit

Ginger Teriyaki Vegan Coconut Jerky

Salad Topping – Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries

Cinnamon Sugared Matzo Chips 6oz

Onesto Foods Sea Salt Crackers

Onesto Foods Rosemary Crackers

Chorizo Crisp 2 oz

Vegan Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese

Hayden Mills Farro Crackers

The Chill Dill “Totally Original OG” Pickle Spears

Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows

Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows

Craize “Seeded” – 4oz Toasted Corn Cracker

Vegan Dill Havarti Hemp Cheese

Organic Sprouted Spirulina Sesame Bites

Cinnamon Graham Pretzel

Gourmet Potato Chips Salt n Vinegar

Gourmet Potato Chips Sea Salt

Gourmet Tortilla Chips Sweet Potato

Gourmet Tortilla Chips Lime

Gourmet Tortilla Chips Original

Big Spoon Figgy Chai Bar

Big Spoon Cherry Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar