For the woman who has a plan to crush the day.

You are an early riser.  You have journaled your gratitude and intentions for the day.  The only thing left is to add Peppermint Earl Grey to your morning ritual.

The best time to do something is now.

This blend has a base of coffee leaf tea, that’s right, the leaves of a coffee plant. Does it taste like coffee, you ask? Definitely not. It tastes like smooth and forgiving green tea, but without any grassy bitterness. This bergamot-infused coffee leaf tea is blended with a hint of crisp peppermint and a touch of raw organic cane sugar inside the tea bag for a perfectly balanced, non-jittery, caffeinated brew.

Individual tea bags with a hint of sweetness.
Embrew is a local St. Pete, Woman-owned tea company.

Branded by Stevie & Fern
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