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Florida Pure Chipotle Sea Salt


Florida Pure Sea Salt was born from a longing to help people slow down, come together, and enjoy every bite they share. Our ingredients are crafted with that same love, care, and intention. Only the cleanest and best water is harvested to make the purest and finest tasting salts. Pure sea salt is moister and brinier than sea salt you get in the store. At Florida Pure Sea Salt, you won’t find things like bleaching agents, iodine, calcium silicate, sodium ferrocyanide, or other anti-clumping agents. All of our salts are made in small batches in order to monitor the process closely. Some salts take three days to make while others take up to 2 months to make. Food is a thread that connects us all and salt a lasting part of making our food experiences outstanding. Florida Pure Sea Salt is proud to create a clean finishing salt of the highest quality that tastes awesome too.

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