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Micro Basil

Micro Italian Basil.  Sold in 4oz and 8oz packages.

Hydroponic micro basil are best suited for raw applications as their delicate nature cannot withstand high heat. The mild and sweet characteristics make it ideal for incorporating into both savory and sweet applications. They can be used as a garnish on pasta, pizza, quiche, soups, green salads, and fruit salads. They can also add flavor to lemonade and fruity cocktails like mojitos, gimlets, or martinis or be combined into dips, dressing, and sauces.m many of the muted flavors other salad greens provide, and culinary versatility that is second to none.  Microgreens are a nutrient dense smaller variety of their adult varieties.

Pesticide free, chemical free and WASH FREE. Ready for plating direct from the packaging. No prep/wash required.

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