January 4, 2022 //


In 2022 I’m sure a lot of us want to make health and wellness a priority. Whether it’s eating more veggies, being more active, or incorporating more vitamins into our diet, this green juice smoothie will be the perfect addition to your routine.

This smoothie has all the benefits of a green juice without the need for a juicer. I used coconut water as the base, which means its packed with electrolytes, making it the perfect post work out beverage. However, you could always use water instead, just make sure to add some extra citrus.

This drink is light and refreshing, and perfect for Florida weather. All of the fresh ingredients are currently available at the Brick Street Farms market. Enjoy!


– Brick Street Farms Mixed Kale (one container)

– Pure Coconut Water (one can / 11oz)

– Green Apple (half)

– Cucumber (half)

– Ginger (small piece)

– Citrus of choice (one good squeeze)

– Ice (1 cup)


Simply combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend on high until fully combined. This makes about two servings so you can save the rest in a jar for later. Cheers!

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