#TheFutureOfFood - Converse Water!

July 30, 2020 // Uncategorized



Conserve Water!

Hydroponic farming is a viable solution to water usage problems across the globe! We use 70% less water in our farms because we capture, purify, and reuse it. This also prevents water runoff.

Water runoff is a byproduct of conventional farming, and it causes toxic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to get absorbed into local streams, creeks, and watersheds. Conventional farming doesn’t even guarantee that the large amount of water being used is actually making it’s way to the plant’s root systems.

Our water has a direct path to our plants, feeding them to perfection! 

Not only do our plants get to enjoy our delicious purified water, but all our Farm Members get an unlimited supply of it. All they have to do is bring in their reusable containers! 

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