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AUTHOR: Sarah Subrize

The differences between shopping at Brick Street Farms and buying your food from a nearby grocery store may be a longer list than you think. It’s a given that Brick Street Farms greens taste better if you’ve ever tried them compared to anything you can get from the grocery store shelves, but there are many other differences you may not have thought of.  There are so many meaningful benefits of buying your greens from Brick Street Farms instead of another big box store or grocery chain. Let me explain:

You know exactly where your greens are coming from at BSF and how it is grown:

Most grocery stores are part of much larger chains, with hundreds or even thousands of stores across the country. Because of this, it’s difficult as a customer to know exactly where your produce originates, or even what region or state it is being shipped from, let alone know who grew or harvested it. At Brick Street Farms you walk past where the greens are being grown when you shop in the store or know it hasn’t traveled far if eating the greens at the local partner restaurants.

Also, BSF has growing greens down to a science and has perfected the growing conditions in their urban farm hubs so they can grow 365 days a year. This means their produce is always in season and always with peak nutrition and taste. Grocery store greens however do not come from the same sustainable practices nor can give the same benefits.

You know the greens are fresher.

This is a no-brainer. The greens are picked from the hubs, packaged, and placed in the farm store right next door for you to enjoy. They also travel no more than a 30-mile delivery radius to restaurant and store partners. When shopping at your local grocery store, however, it is nearly impossible to determine how long the greens have been sitting out or how long or far they have traveled. Between transport and shipping (most of the time from other states and countries) grocery store produce is often at least several days old before it is even available for purchase. This is a night and date difference from the produce grown by Brick Street Farm which goes from harvest to destination within 24 hours!

You know your greens are cleaner.

Let’s use a head of romaine as an example here. When shopping at traditional grocery stores, your head of romaine can encounter all kinds of surfaces.  It starts with being picked and packaged, and then travels throughout the country. Once it’s placed in the produce section at the store, think about the number of children, and even adults, every single day that touches the head of lettuce barehanded. Now at Brick Street Farms that head of romaine goes straight from being picked right to the package where you can pick up fresh with no worry of contamination. Brick Street also does not use pesticides, chemicals, or have any risk of bugs.

You get to support a local business and community.

Buying greens from Brick Street Farms allows you to support a growing local business, as well as support specialty grocers and restaurants throughout Central Florida and Tampa Bay. Regular grocery store greens do not offer the same.


Go pick up your local BSF greens today and see the differences for yourself!


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