why it matters

Traditional agricultural uses 70% of our clean water, lengthy transportation freights and harmful pesticides… and we just don’t think that’s cool anymore. Our curiosity for improvement provides us with the technology that can help solve today’s food challenges. Because we believe it’s time to eat like the planet depends on it.

More Nutrition
Our Greens Last Longer
Less Water

Our Farm Technology

Our proprietary farms are highly integrated horizontal hydroponic systems. Entirely climate controlled (using off-peak power usage) and fully self-contained (no pesticides ever) inside a 40-foot freight container. We grow 2 acres of hyper-fresh produce, using less water than the average tooth brushing session!  We also grow in any weather, year-round, providing the healthiest wash free leafy greens you’ve ever tasted.

More Nutritious

Did you know that as soon as your traditional greens are harvested, they begin losing nutritional value? Even washing can damage those delicious vitamins. Reap the benefits of our hyperlocal, no wash produce today!

Our Greens
Last Longer

Because our produce always stays within 30 miles of our growing containers, our leafy greens and mico herbs will often last 2-3x longer than traditional store-bought greens in your fridge.

You Thinkin’

So here’s a not so fun fact: 70% of our freshwater is used for commercial farming! Eye che wawa. We use a fractional amount of water per day (about 1 tooth brushing session) to ensure a better solution for our people and for planet.

say hello, to our little friends

Humans are constantly striving for self-improvement… so we think your food should too. From harvest to house in less than 48 hrs (or 1 Netflix weekend binge), it’s time to rethink your relationship with produce. Our greens are so fresh & so fine, we’ll make your ex-veggies jealous.