We love using our leafy greens in unexpected ways, but sometimes it’s good to re-visit the basics. While this might not be your classic 20 step “recipe,” we wanted to share some salad making tips that will help you build confidence in the kitchen, but more importantly, build a show stopping salad!

  • Always rip or chop your leaves into bite sized pieces.
  • Make sure to thoroughly dress your greens before adding the toppings. Drizzling your salad dressing over everything at the end will lead to unappetizing dry leaves at the bottom of your creation.
  • Go light on the dressing. I like to pour about a tablespoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar onto my base of greens. Then I add a generous pinch of salt and toss thoroughly. You can use tongs, but I usually use my hands. Taste as you go, you can always add more later! If you’ve used too much oil and vinegar, simply add in some more chopped greens.
  • Next, I build my ingredients on top of my well seasoned base of greens, spacing them out so that every bite gets a bit of everything.
  • Combine sweet and savory flavors. Fruits like berries or apples go really well with proteins and salty nuts.
  • Add some crunch on top! You might choose nuts or croutons, but a bit of crunch goes a long way!
  • A crumbly cheese is a must! I love adding a hint of salty creaminess in the form of a goat cheese, blue cheese, or feta. There are a lot of great vegan options out there too.
  • I’m a big fan of red onions, red onions on everything! 
  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate lots of herbs and micro greens into your salad. They add visual interest and a wonderful pop of flavor!
  • I like to add a protein like chicken, shrimp, or salmon to my salad. This takes it from a simple side dish to a hearty main meal!
  • Drizzle a little something on the very top, I love using BSF Fig balsamic, but you can also use a high quality olive oil to drizzle over the toppings.
  • I don’t over salt my base so I usually finish off my salads with a pinch of flaky sea salt!

Hopefully you learned something new, or maybe you just confirmed all of your amazing salad making skills! Remember, a salad can be so much more than a boring afterthought. Make your next salad the main event, and don’t be afraid to get creative!