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Custom Engineered Farms

The Future of Farming

At Brick Street Farms, we believe the future of farming is about bringing large-scale indoor vertical farming production to the point of consumption.

By utilizing highly efficient indoor vertical farming technology with environmental sustainability at the forefront of everything we do, we are able to produce an extraordinary amount of certified non-GMO, chemical free and wash-free leafy greens, microgreens and strawberries with 90% less water and 30% less energy use.  

With our BSF Hub model we are able to produce over 60 acres each month on less than a 1/3 acre city lot.

Forward Thinking

Brick Street Farms puts our community and environment first. Our state-of-the-art shipping container farms and one of a kind urban Hub design, eliminate water runoff by recycling and re-filtering 100% of our water with our proprietary Water Management System.

We reduce our energy use and GHG emissions through our proprietary Energy Management System to grow more with less.We believe the future is today and our Hub is a breakthrough model which brings the farm to the community without the use of mass transportation, supply chain or distributions channels.

We are farm to fork in less than 36 hours. Our BSF Hubs will revolutionize the urban agriculture industry.

Always in Season

Obsessively designed by Brick Street Farms, our plants grow vertically indoors without soil, getting their nutrition from water and light energy from powerful LEDs. The result is a system that operates independently from land, climate, and season with the power to bring local food production directly to you.

OHIO - Leafy Greens & Strawberries

Our Ohio Model built by Thrive Containers is designed to grow leafy greens, herbs, flowers and strawberries. The Ohio Model grows up to 14,000 individual plants sites per month. Utilizing patent pending technology to grow over 2 tons per year, with 2% of the water resources and significant carbon reduction systems. Fully automated with integrated state of the art grow control software allows for advanced data analytics and environment control.

YUKON - Micro Greens

Our Yukon Model built by Thrive Containers is designed to grow specialty micro greens, sprouts, petite flowers & starter plugs. The Yukon Model continuously grows over 500 trays per month of specialty varieties. Utilizing automated watering, light technology, & designed to maximize ROI. The state of the art grow control system increases yield and crop rotation. Designed for grower operations to reduce labor and overhead.

A New Kind of Farmer

We couldn't grow our magical leafy greens without our amazing teams of Packagers and Farm Support Specialists. Our farmers get to work indoors year round!