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Our Greens

Lettuces & Leafy Greens

Crunch Love

A super crunchy lettuce that holds up well to heat, stays crispy on a sandwich or under hot protein on a salad.

Baby Greens

A custom blend of our signature lettuces with diverse textures and colors. Also referred to as "Farm Greens"

Green Leaf

Silky classic green leaves with a mild flavor. Great for sandwiches. Also available wholesale as "Green Gems" heads.

Red Leaf

Similar to Romaine but with a red hint to it. Soft leaves and a crunchy stalk. Also available wholesale as "Red Gem" heads.


Our signature lettuce. Sold with the root bulb attached. A buttery classic with a variety of leaf sizes.

Butter Lettuce

The same as the Butterhead only with the leaves pre cut! Perfect for lettuce wraps or as a replacement for burger buns.

Baby Romaine

A kitchen staple. Both crunchy and silky. Perfect for a Ceaser salad or grilling. More nutritional than the full grown variety, and less bitter!


Of the Sweet Crisp variety. A delicate and tender green. Popularized by french cuisine, it's the perfect base for a zesty side salad or elegant plating.

Asian Greens

Available only in our Farm Store. A combination of mustard greens, and our sweet Butter Lettuce.

Mixed Kale

A mixture of a red and green Scarlett and Olympia Kales. Young, tender, and curly, making it more digestible than traditional Kale.

Rainbow Swiss Chard

A colorful chard consisting of crinkly leaves and curly stems. Perfect for a quick sauté. We love using this as a spinach substitute!

Baby Bok Choy

A new staple at BSF. Perfect for dipping raw in hummus or a wonderful addition to ramen or stir fry.

Microgreens & Herbs

Micro Mix

A combination of baby kales, broccolis, cabbage, and red amaranth. A beautiful garnish for any dish.

Micro Sunflower

A young sunflower with meaty leaves and a sunflower seed taste. We love it on a tuna salad.

Micro Broccoli

A classic micro with a mild taste and delicate texture. Goes great with avocados or in smoothies!

Micro Rainbow Radish

A colorful, spicy micro. The perfect topper for poke bowls or tacos. We also love the sharp flavor paired with cheese.

Petite Watercress

Delicate, airy, and peppery. Brings a sense of elegance to any meal.

Micro Cilantro

Young cilantro with a slightly cleaner taste. Great on eggs or chili. Harvested to include the coriander seed for extra flavor!

Petite Spicy Mix

An intriguing combination of young mustard greens. We love it in soups and salads.

Citrus Lace

Delicate and tangy, a great garnish for white fish. The lemony and minty flavor makes this a very versatile ingredient!

Petite Red Amaranth

Technically a gluten free grain. A deep red micro with a mildly earthy flavor, reminiscent of beets.

Pea Tendrils

Wild and curly tendrils. Works great as a garnish and holds up well to heat, oil, and moisture.

Pea Shoots

Similar to Pea Tendrils, only with less curly ringlets. Tastes similar to a snap pea, great on almost anything!

Farmer's Blend

Available only at our Farm Store. A rotating mixture of microgreens and young leaves.

Petite Red Sorrel

This small stunning leaf tastes like green apples and lemon. A conversation starter and a great way to jazz up any dish.

Micro Arugula

The classic peppery taste of arugula in a small but mighty micro form.

Micro Chervil

A subtle herb, similar to parsley and tarragon in flavor. We love it in soups or paired with seafood.

Convenience is Key

Hydroponic greens means no dirt, no bugs no pesticides, and no need to wash our greens!

Our lettuces and micro greens go from harvest to local stores and restaurants. Less travel time means our greens stay fresh longer!

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