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A new way to
get your greens.

Hydroponically grown
in downtown St. Pete

Hyper local &
always in season

A Membership That Nourishes

By becoming a BSF Farm Member, you are investing in our urban hydroponic farm and in your community. Earn discounts, access to weekly specials, and provide fresh healthy produce for those in need through our Desert Farms Foundation.

Leading the Way

“The second agricultural revolution is here. Join us as we reimagine the possibilities of your relationship with food.”

Nutritional Wellness for All.

Desert Farms Foundation

At Desert Farms Foundation, we believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, nutritional food. Our approach to providing this healthy food into communities without direct access is simple, easily replicable, and scalable. How? We bring the farm to them!

By placing our hydroponic farms directly in communities and not being reliant on any mass transportation or distribution channels, customers have direct access to the freshest and most nutritious greens.

Now Offering Pick-up
and Delivery!

Shop online and opt for pick-up or home delivery. We currently deliver to most of Pinellas and Tampa.

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