The Sustainable Farm Revolution

At BSF, we’re disrupting traditional ways of agriculture by bringing farm to fork in cities around the globe. Because we believe now is the time to rethink food access, supply chains & climate impact while contributing to healthier lives.


The New
Urban Farming

Brick Street Farms Hubs offer direct access to healthy, nutritional food in urban communities. The Hubs prioritize sustainability by combatting water use, energy consumption and agricultural runoff.  Each Hub has a custom-designed and engineered container hosting a market retail space for the direct-to-consumer experience, along with a packaging container, dry storage container and cold storage container.

Thrive in the Press


The BSF Hub systems determine the most efficient, least carbon impact power source, at any given time, choosing between the electric utility, on-site energy offsetting solar power with battery storage, and on-site natural gas generator. All these components and systems work in unison to control energy sources and lower our carbon footprint during times of peak electric demand, high electric rates, and back up during power loss events.


Brick Street Farms Hubs consist of 8 to 24 of our THRIVE Containers, dependent on the needs of the individual communities, meaning we can grow more or less crop to fit our consumer’s needs. Additionally, we have custom designed and engineered containers for experiential retail space for the direct-to-consumer experience.

How We Thrive

By placing the farms directly in communities and not being reliant on any mass transportation or distribution channels, customers have direct access to the freshest and most nutritious greens.




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Leading The Way

“The second agricultural revolution is here. Join us as we reimagine the possibilities of your relationship with food.”


That Nourish

By becoming a BSF Farm Member, you are investing in our urban hydroponic farm and in your community. Earn discounts, access to weekly specials and provide fresh healthy produce for those in need through our Desert Farms Foundation.

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Taste The

BSF produce provides nutritional and medicinal food that has not been compromised by traditional agriculture supply chain issues, grown on site, in one of the most advanced environmentally sustainable arenas in agriculture. Don’t just take our word for it, taste if for yourself.

Always Local, Curiously Fresh

Humans are constantly striving for self-improvement… so we think your food should too. From harvest to house in less than 48 hrs (or 1 Netflix weekend binge), it’s time to rethink your relationship with produce. Our greens are so fresh & so fine, we’ll make your ex-veggies jealous.

I am Green Leaf

Our green leaf lettuce is crisp, sweet, and slightly bitter. Add it to a bowl, or serve alongside an omelet!

I am Crunch Love

Is a frilly lettuce with a sweet crunchy bite. Perfect for a crispy salad and stays crunchy even when on warm burgers and sandwiches.

I am Butter Lettuce

Our butter lettuce is soft and sweet. It makes a tasty base for fruit and nut salads topped with crumbly strong cheese!

I am Baby Greens

A blend of butter lettuce, red and green romaine, and sweet crip lettuce- our baby greens are ideal for chopped salads, or simply dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, and sea salt!

I am Baby Romaine

Our Baby Romaine isn't like your typical romaine. It's crisp, mild, and freshly harvested! It tastes delicious grilled, and in a Cesar or Cobb salad!

I am Butterhead

Tender, buttery, and in the shape of a perfect cup- our butterhead is made for lettuce wraps, or to be used on sandwiches and in burgers!

I am Red Butterhead

Tender, delicate leaves with a rosey red hue. Perfect for lettuce wraps, on sandwiches and in burgers or to be used as bite-sized salad bowls!

I am Mixed Kale

Delicate leaves of a young kale plant with petite stems and leaves. A soft and earthy in flavor and tender in texture. Ideal raw for salads and in smoothies or cooked for a delicious vegetable base or side dish.

Wake Up That
Inner Chef

With green’s that taste so unique, it’s time to think outside of that salad bowl. Discover the most enchanting ways to slice and dice our sweet little babies.


Naked Farmer, St Pete

Where to
Find Us

To ensure our mission of hyper-local farm fresh produce, we have made it a priority to keep our greens close to you. Discover where you can find BSF produce at any of our storefront hubs, weekly pickup locations or at your local grocer.

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