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Hearts of Palm Pasta with Bok Choy

Hearts of Palm Pasta with Bok Choy

For our last January recipe we wanted to continue on with the theme of fun substitutions! This decadent dish features a pasta alternative made from a single ingredient, hearts of palm! This minimally processed dish has amazing texture and definitely satisfies your pasta cravings. The key is a good sauce and high quality toppings. We used a Thai peanut sauce and sautéed BSF Bok Choy to play off of those Thai flavors, topping it all off with micro cilantro and avocado, which go together beautifully. This recipe requires only six ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to make, helping you squeeze in a nutritious meal regardless of your schedule or cooking abilities.



First, quickly sauté two or three garlic cloves in olive oil or avocado oil. Meanwhile, cut apart one or two Bok Choy heads depending on your number of servings (one BSF Bok Choy clamshell contains two Bok Choy heads, FYI)

Then, sauté the Bok Choy leaves in oil and garlic for about one minute. They cook down quickly so make sure to keep an eye on them. I like my Bok Choy with a little crunch to it, but cook it down to your liking. Set the Bok Choy aside and empty out your package of hearts of palm pasta into the pan. Warm for about a minute and then pour your desired amount of peanut sauce on to the pasta, I used about half of a cup. Continue to cook for another minute, or until everything is hot and simmering.

Lastly, plate your pasta and top with your cooked Bok Choy, sliced avocados, and sprinkle liberally with some BSF Micro Cilantro! This dish is so cozy and satisfying, plus you can always add some tofu, chicken, or shrimp for some added protein!