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Micro Madness Salad

Micro Madness Salad

This is a friendly reminder that micro greens are more than a garnish! These bite sized flavor bombs are packed with color and nutrients, which will help elevate your salad in every way possible. If I find myself with 2 or 3 half empty containers of micro greens, I love to throw them in a bowl and dress them up for dinner. Fancy and efficient, just the way I like it.

For this recipe I used lots of Micro Sunflowers and Micro Sorrel on a bed of BSF’s Petite Greens. I love the petite greens because they are greens harvested while very young, making them bite sized and extremely tender. The sunflowers are great for salads because they’e sturdy and hold up well to dressing and tossing, but they also add a wonderful nutty flavor to your dish. I add the Red Sorrel after the salad has been dressed and tossed, the leaves are more delicate but they’re stunning and they taste just like green apples! This tart flavor balances out the nuttiness of the sunflowers so well.

Aside from micro greens, the star of the show here is high quality tinned fish, smoked Salmon to be exact. We recently stocked the store with Fish Wife products, which are all premium, ethically sourced tinned fish by a woman owned company, we’re big fans!

We also added vegan chive cheese by Catalyst Creamery, one of our partners in Southwest Florida! The Chives and Smoked salmon are a wonderful pairing, making this the perfect brunch salad!



Assembly is easy for this one! Dress the Petite Greens and Sunflower Sprouts with olive oil, balsamic, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss until evenly coated.

Then, top the greens with bits of smokes salmon, chive cheese, and lots of micro sorrel. Squeeze a fresh lemon over everything, and enjoy!