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Rainbow Grain Bowl

Rainbow Grain Bowl

Florida summers call for something crunchy and refreshing. This rainbow grain bowl delivers on both those fronts, plus it’s beautiful and packed with vitamins. We’re highlighting our hydroponic kale and one of the Farm Store’s newer products, tri-color quinoa from Simpli!



This is quite a simple recipe. They key to making this dish satisfying is the plating process. I like to give each ingredient it’s own corner of the bowl to give it a “23 dollar dish purchased at South Beach” feel. Aside from that, the only preparation involves cooking the quinoa and dressing the kale.

To cook the quinoa, simmer with the lid on for about 20 minutes, or until the seeds have expanded and softened. For some quinoa, like the tri-color variety, the smaller brown seeds will remain small and crunchy.

For the kale, simply rip the leaves into bite sized pieces and drizzle with your dressing of choice. I chose the new Bloombox Smoked Paprika Vinaigrette which pairs wonderfully with the earthy kale flavor. Most kale requires a lot of massaging, but ours is already tender and only needs a couple seconds of massaging, just enough to evenly coat the leaves with the dressing.

Once all of your ingredients are plated, drizzle with some finishing olive oil and sea salt, and scoop a dollop of the new Shawarma sauce to dip the veggies in. Then top it all off with some marinated feta and micro cilantro. Dig in and enjoy!