A Local Balanced BSF Breakfast

This month’s recipe is less about the recipe itself and more about the ingredients, specifically our local ingredients.

For this balanced Brick Street Farms breakfast, we’ve highlighted Lake Meadow’s farm fresh eggs, their uncured bacon, and their Maldon Sea Salt butter. These are some of our most popular items at the store, and for good reason, they’re just that good!

We also incorporated Gulf Coast Sourdough, a cult favorite in St Pete. We always have a variety of Gulf Coast flavors in our fridge, if you haven’t tried their fresh bread yet, it’s about time you did!

Over easy eggs, loaded toast, bacon, and chopped grape tomatoes, it doesnt get much more classic than that. We like to melt the sea salt butter in the pan before cracking an egg over it. The butter adds the perfect amount of saltiness, and it also makes any pan extra non-stick.

Next, we toasted a piece of Gulf Coast Sourdough’s “Bread for Ukraine” and topped it with Spero’s vegan sunflower cream cheese. We garnished it with a handful of our hydroponic broccoli sprouts which are packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and immune boosting goodness.

Next, fry up the bacon, chop up your tomatoes, and top them with local sea salt and pepper. That’s it! You can enjoy it as is or layer all of the ingredients on the toast for an open faced delight, guaranteed to give you the perfect bite. I also love topping it with Truff hot sauce for an extra kick. YUM.


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Author: Alicia Geigel