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Bolognese & Burrata Bowl

Bolognese & Burrata Bowl

For this dish we used grass fed grass finished ground beef from Providence Cattle Company. Their high quality meats are found in some of the best restaurants across the Tampa Bay area, and now, at our Farm Store! 

We also incorporated fresh, traditionally crafted, local Burrata from Solena cheese, a staple at the Saturday Morning Market. Lucky for us, they are now a regular vendor at Brick Street Farms. We are actually the only brick and mortar store that currently carries their amazingly fresh cheeses.



  1. The only cooking required here is making the bolognese sauce! Luckily, it's super simple. First, defrost your ground beef. Then throw it on a hot pan and let it brown slightly (no oil required since the fat will quickly dissolve and coat the pan.) I cooked the entire brick, this gave me enough for leftovers!
  2. Next, add some minced garlic.
  3. Season the ground beef generously with adobo, Italian seasoning, and red pepper flakes. Continue cooking until you see less pink and more brown throughout the meat. 
  4. Then, add your desired amount of vodka sauce. (you can use red sauce, but I prefer the slightly creamier version)
  5. Continue cooking until the meat is cooked thoroughly. Salt to taste.
  6. Next prep your greens by drizzling on some balsamic and olive oil, and sprinkling on salt and pepper. 
  7. Assemble your Italian summer bowl by adding on your chopped tomatoes, burrata, bolognese, and drizzle some balsamic over everything! 
  8. Finally, top with a generous amount of basil or micro basil. Bongiorno!