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Meatless “Cobb Inspired” Layered Salad

Meatless “Cobb Inspired” Layered Salad

Now that some of us are going back into the office, thinking of making our favorite meals travel friendly is crucial. Not only does this satisfying salad stand up to your Tupperware tumbles, but it’s also vegetarian friendly! (Leave out the egg and make it vegan.)

Brick Street Farm’s Crunch Love Lettuce is hearty and crisp. It’s wonderful for crunchy salads and burgers, which is why it was the perfect green to use in a layered salad!

For this meatless twist on a classic, I used ingredients that are all currently available at the Brick Street Farms market.

Crunch Love Lettuce
BSF garlic balsamic vinegar
BSF meyer lemon olive oil
-Whole grain mustard
-Heirloom tomatoes
-Red onion
-Herbivorous Butcher meat free meats (chicken and bacon)
-Vegan hemp dill havarti cheese by Catalyst Creamery


1. The assembly is simple! All you have to do is cook the meat substitutions on the stove for about 10 minutes in some oil. Season the “chicken” with some salt and taste as you go.

2. Boil your egg for about 7 minutes and then submerge it in an ice bath to stop it from over cooking.

3. Then simply let your “meat” cool down, chop up your ingredients, and layer! Make sure you put your Crunch Love lettuce at the very bottom and drizzle the dressing at the very top of you plan on packing it for later. Enjoy!