Let’s make a salad so rich in vitamins and nutrients, it’ll knock your socks off! Not to mention it’s incredibly unique and delicious. This salad is a prime example of why you should always try new techniques and combine flavors not traditionally thrown together. The orange slices, feta, and miso dressing combine into one amazing flavor bomb, while the ribboned carrots add an unexpected playfulness to the dish. As usual, you can find most of these ingredients at our Farm Store!


  • BSF Baby Greens
  • BSF Pea Shoots
  • Heirloom carrots
  • Rainbow radishes
  • Orange
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Feta
  • Miso Dressing


For dishes like this, the first step is always prepping all of your ingredients. Slice your radishes, peel and cut your orange, and make carrot ribbons with a peeler.

Next, spread a layer of BSF Baby Greens onto a large plate, drizzle with Lemon Miso dressing by “Not Just Salad Dressing” and sprinkle on some flaky salt. Then comes the fun part, assembling your salad and making it look pretty! Space out your carrots, radishes, and oranges evenly over the bed of greens.

Then add chunks of feta throughout along with some pumpkin seeds, sprinkle with another light layer of dressing using a spoon. Lastly, delicately place some wispy pea shoots throughout and dig in! Make sure to take your time and enjoy the process, food can be fun and beautiful, no matter how simple your dish!