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Yellow Eyed Bean Kale Salad

Yellow Eyed Bean Kale Salad

Feast your eyes on this nourishing, well balanced, veggie packed plate of perfection. Although it’s topped with tasty veggies, beans, and quinoa, our fresh hydroponic mixed kale is undoubtedly the star of the show. Our kale is the perfect base for any warm dish, it holds up great against heat and pairs well with every vegetable under the sun. Most importantly, every single ingredient is currently available at our storefront location!


-BSF Mixed Kale
-Sweet potatoes
-Red bell peppers
-Rainbow carrots
-Heirloom cherry Tomatoes
-Rancho Gordo yellow eye beans
-SimpliGood white quinoa
-Small Town Cultures fermented red onions
-Terrapin Ridge Farms coconut curry aioli


1. Cook your beans and quinoa, season to taste

2. Sauté cubed sweet potatoes, carrots & red bell peppers for about 10 minutes on medium/high heat, stirring frequently. Salt and pepper to taste

3. Add the kale to your veggie sauté and stir for about one minute, salt to taste after the kale has cooked down a bit

4. Plate the kale and veggie mixture, top with quinoa, beans, fresh tomatoes, onions, and aioli. Enjoy!!!