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Buddha's Garden - Spicy Vegetable Relish

$12.30 USD $15.30 USD

Fermented foods provide a new world of in depth flavors and aromas that will elevate your food creations. How do you use these ferments? How much do I use? The simple answer is experiment and see what combinations you like.

Every ferment has it’s own unique characteristics that will lend themselves well to just about anything you create. Keep in mind when you use fermented foods, they are already seasoned and ready to be used. Also, they do have a higher salt content, which is apart of the process, so use extra salt sparingly, taste as you go, and build your flavors using the ferments first, then add more salt to taste.

Also be conscious that most of the ferments we create have a decent acidity level, so be conscious of that as well. Acid enhances saltiness if you use too much extra salt. If you use the ferments in the right amounts you shouldn’t have to add a lot, if any, extra acid and salt to your dishes.